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I came back to madness flower with a vengeance leaving catharcyst with the linux stuffs. My linux job postings are on catharcyst while I rant here once more. Eventually I will build a css linux job site with bells and whistles and all the good shit that makes the new web shimmer. Stuffs like jquery and mootools. I would say my week was mad productive but this weekend starting tomorrow is sink or get disappeared. Got this powerpoint project to hack to death for the college so I better get it cranked out for next week. Things are looking good but there’s the proverbial unknown variables. I might as well write a new app with this unknowns man. Something coded to change my state forever. A beautiful cascading portal even. Started simulacra and simulation. Taking my time with it because this is deep shit man. He hits the nail and never lets up. I come up for air because I might drown the world. Sounds like a good line for a poem. I will extricate it when the time comes. In the mean time the weekend beckons creative phantoms. Let’s haunt together above the fray and septic petty datasets.


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