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something has to give. we could be on the cusp of something productive. will keep the details to ourselves for now. but i mean winter shouldn’t be a complaining time only. at least the scrilla can flow in our direction. time will show the path in the hands of God. this stargate universe show got me thinking about all kinds of strange meanings of our existence here. i mean this could never be all.the ancients left lots of messages. unfortunately we still haven’t decoded it. will it be done in my lifespan. i sure hope so. i know we can hyper jump to the nether worlds. it’s the only way to get to the edge of the universe. i feel like we are been tested here on planet earth. the ancients are watching and waiting to see how long it will take us to figure it out. well we know our serpent egos have dumbed down our perception. our hatred is the thorn in the proverbial side our advancement. there are worlds out there. civilizations that ascended beyond human. some will say deal with the here and now. what the hell is here and now. am living now every second man and all i see is boring repetitions of vacuous humanity. we better wake up man. maybe i get to see extra terrestrials before i vacate this time and space. poet wishing as usual.


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