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I changed my site template again. You could say am experimenting with this joomla business. Am still getting problems editing the css in the templates. I know what I want but when I make changes they are not always implemented depending on the template. Guess the authors use some kinda bizarre naming scheme. Will get past that hurdle no doubt. Now I took that cuny profiency test last evening. Was rather interesting. Had to compare two essays. One was about savants and their physical disabilities and the other was about absolute pitch. i think i did a cool job though i started kinda tentative. it’s the usual with me. i hardly take notes. i just get into it straight away feeling out the flesh and planting my hooks. sooner rather than later i dig deep and taste the soul meat. they might penalize me for waywardness. we need to pass this to graduate. i reckon i passed. what’s with exams anyway? does it tell the truth about the human condition? what’s the rationale behind all those tests? gotta be more than separating the wheat from the chaff. am neither. am a walking fiendish contradicting poet. let’s break down the new world order and separate truth from fiction. and now there’s a psp in my bag that begs to be modded. will it get it’s lustful wishes. depends machine fiend on whether you become sentient in the next 15mins.


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