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so it shall be done. they get into your shit and think that they know about you. they are parasites, succubus even. tis the same old story. and it never gets old. i swear i saw that shit coming. i guess i played along. was it for me? nay. for a far henious interest. to look good infront of the beast. they want you to bow infront of the beast for crumbs. wow. amazing cretinous creatures, running around like their heads have been hacked off. crazy man. i never asked them for anything. i was on my way. they polluted my space. get of creatures of the damned. flee back into your stale ship. so i leave this shit back in the hole i made for the ignorance. lucky me i made a hole in the past for the ignorance huh i will find it yet. i know what am looking for. you can’t tell me when you are just a rotting living dead. what have you learned here on earth? but to lie and steal and cheat and pretend. damn you can pretend but we figured you out so long ago.that’s we don’t ever get twisted. i never get it twisted. don’t ever get it twisted poet. damn.

ps. this was for an earlier bullshit. am calmer now


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