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let me drop a line here before this blog thinks that it has gone extinct. better to go insane than extinct. what to say? how to spill? well am working working working. jerking to the beat of the city. all wrapped up in social media. i need to monetize this. what’s the point of all that info binging? the lucky ones are raking in tons of loot from the social store and here we are in the labyrinth without a clue.
i will have to make this weekend a renaissance one. dig deeper than i want to. find out what lies beneath the pulse of the new web. maybe nothing lies there out in that info glut but twisted agony of a dying race.

the aliens are coming. a new web is awakening. it is much too flat.

and we don’t need them censors here. they reek. they spoil the flow.

flow Internets. you feel me?

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