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sometimes you wonder how the hell did you get here. then you realize it was the place you choose unconsciously long time ago. the bigger question is where are you headed. why would you move forward anyways. been watching stargate universe. has me thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. can we get to the end of time? how would it feel to get to the end right now by using tech and then watching your life unfold infront of you. so much stuff out there in the unknown. religion preaches we are not meant to know but i wonder man. surely we were not bred to be slaves. we must have fallen somehow from the power. now if only we remembered how to get back. that should be our quest. find a way through the muck to the real. the hatred blinds us. the bullshit blinds us. the petty enslaves us. today is thanksgiving. what are we giving thanks for. for being ignorant? the first step to get back is to love each other. that for sure is indisputable. i give thanks for that. for the love i get and the love i give back. am taking the first step back to the enlightenment.. happy thanksgiving.


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