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funny how microblogging swept it’s father aside. the attention span of the net generation rejected long rambling tirades. keep it kosher at 140 characters already they screamed from the madness of the interwebs. technology obliged. yes sir it capitulated to the whims of lost children. i got swept too. i hardly come here anymore. eventually seeds madness will die. only to reside in archives. it’s how it is. everything ends and stales. we move on like the selfish species we are. kicking the past aside, stretching to uncertain futures. how long will this romance with social networking and microblogging last? maybe the divorce proceedings has already started. might be a bitter thing eh? who gets stabbed. who gets the right to visit the offspring. get here already mobile web. the smartphones are still software clunks. people rave about how their phones can do this and that. it is still medieval to me. the revolution is years in the future. i could settle for the N900 though. it is the best one among the lot. definitely a cool device for a linux fiend like yours truly. maybe i get one soon. maybe i invent my own sick ultra geeky alternative. get here already future.


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I am not a big fan of overly large articles and posts on the ‘net. And e-books I have some reservation about for the same reason. Print does have it’s place. <br/><br/>However Twitter and texting seem more like gibberish than communication to me. I avoid them like the plague.

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