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another semester. doing courses i don’t feel just to maintain full time status. they cancelled the good courses i wanted to dabble in. that’s how life is. a bitch for every other moment. wish i could stay online all the time. get my degree online and work online. dealing with real time people becomes more unbearable by the day. is like i gotta lie and feign interest in their mundane pissings. thought i would enjoy school but now it’s like heavy machinery on my neck. colleges teaching you all kinds of shit. man i just wanna get to my coding so stop feeding me shit like how to be a leader. i don’t want to be a fucking leader. been there done that. i just need to code, design databases, work the backend even. can they like give you that choice to skip all the shit they let you pay for? some people wanna be shrinks so give them the shrink shit they need. the truth is the guru coders honed their skills out of the classroom. is like i didn’t have to come to school to learn this shit. but you need the paper to show them that you are one of them. like you belong to the fraternity. working in school has been the best for my development. the hands on training has been marvelous. all classes should be like that. get straight to the point. get ya hands dirty right of the bat. i need my hands dirty. fuck theoretical shit. man am a poet first and foremost. i tinker with words. am a wordsmith freak. can’t be teaching me how to conduct myself in the society. i wanna code society. damn. they better tweak colleges now man else shit will never change.

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