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google brought the buzz to ya gmail and the noise became unbearable for some. so filter ya shit already. there’s privacy issues that will be ironed out eventually. all I know is there’s not really privacy on the interwebs. someone somewhere is always watching. who are the gatekeepers? you gotta pay the piper. you will be watched and cyber probed. you gotta be smart on the web. you don’t enter all your private info just because there’s an input box daring you. where does that urge come from to want to tell all? what does my age have to do with you? surf the net like a tech ninja but you too can get sucked into a cyber nightmare. this is man made. man made shit breaks. it’s how it is. one day the gatekeepers might come for me accusing me of doing shit that I never did. they might come for you. if i was wise i would have ducked out of the web already. got of the grid but the info stream is much too addictive. am a strung out digital native.


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