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humans are my brothers. sometimes they are my enemies. i tried to get to the work grid earlier. the rain was relentless. yesterday i got drenched getting to medicaid stuffs. it’s a bummer to get sick. the aftermath is the worst. gots to take care of all kinds of shit. got to take meds and shit. i need a zen center to chill my chi. but there will be humans there. i have turned machine freak for sure. people phobic no doubt. might as well merge with machine. need to get disappeared man. the days speeding mad fast. the beast speeding behind. got back on irc. helping out and getting help. that hospital stay was strange. reminded me of the room in PR. though the screaming was unnerving. this world is pain. and drugs. at least am getting my daily fix of new music from lastfm. good stuffs. might get a better desktop this week. haven’t made money lately. hope i do soon. got a poem up on youtube. that counts for something huh. my youtube handle is s3eds. look me up or down. who knows where the spiral begins.


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