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Get rid of doubt once and for all. That is a sure crippler. I went through a kind of nightmare and doubt was nagging me till my pressure rose to the ceiling. I forgot lil wayne said there’s no ceiling. We need to fly out of the doubt ratio and up the ante on eating them with art. Time for feeding. Time for eating like a beast. I aim to eat all the art in the universe and spit out again remixed and mashed up. That’s how am feeling now. Art never left me. Some shit tried to trip it but it is relentless. I was born for this. Created by Yahweh for this. Take a sand, make a world, light a sun and orbit it. NY is the right backdrop. But any city will do. I love cities. Now am watching it like Neo when he was freed from the matrix and then Morpheus takes him back in to see the oracle and Neo watches the matrix, the false world he was trapped in as the car rolls by. He has this incredulous look on his face. That’s how am watching the world now. Like seeing it new again. Leaving the doubt behind. Letting the false fall away. Let the false fall away. It’s the only way forward.

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