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We are scattered among the herd. The poets and artists struggle each day to get through to the herd. Sometimes one pulls free from the matrix. Does not happen often. When it happens we rejoice. Nevertheless we know it is an unending battle. The herd like them apple fanboys just want want to consume without asking why? It’s like that thought is much too difficult. It pains them to ask. It feels like a tumor to ask. They gathered like sheep for the ipad that restricts them in every which way. They hollered like they had seen heaven. Amazing how they endorse an innovation killing company. But it does not amaze me. The herd loves their cesspool. For them the skin is all. Do they bother to look beneath the facade? Nay. I say leave them in the matrix. Let them rot behind the barbwires. In an earlier age Jobs was a hacker then he sold out to the matrix. Became an agent. Became a butter man. Sliding hands. Slithering tongue. The kraken will eat them all in the end. While we gather on the open source shores watching the freedom of the ocean.


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