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Might be leaving for fresh smells soon. Same Brooklyn though. It is the mecca of the vision we have, of the films we want to unleash. I watched Fix last night. Sweet indie film by Tao Ruspoli. Thoroughly enjoyed it. A hell of a story and fascinating characters. Gotta keep finding them indie flicks man. Really inspires me. You can do a lot with film if you are not strangled by hollywood style expectations. Your scripts stay raw. You tell your story with the realest delivery. Fix is that kind of film. Might be getting money. Hope that money is real. Would bring me to the cusp of buying my first camera to start shooting the vision. Is all I think about. Art and Linux and Opensource. Can’t wait forever to create the stuff that you were born with. I mean I have published poetry books and in a way am kinda beyond that now though am a poet infinite. That poetry needs to be shot and remixed on screen. The artist is always growing, mutating, shifting, bleeding, dreaming forever. We stop when our lungs collapse. We are finished when we are finished. Bearing the only grudge of having not done better with the vision that was bestowed with divine intention. This is poetry month. I better get back to my paranoid excavations. The poetry as thief of fire..


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