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Weekend was fun. Was the love Bday. We celebrated with the best of intentions. One year older does not count in non-linear imaginings. Got my new phone with metropcs. Hooked up with gps and unlimited net, text and calls. Good stuffs. I like the gps shit. Showing me up how they tracking us and they getting tracked by others. GPS is good for me cause am a total noob with directions man. Now I can just point north and set off with my madness. Who needs a slew of apps when you’ve got GPS and unlimited web? Am denting like crazy, plurking on the timeline like a tragic geek. Is all good. Am wired like a freak and loving it. Wish the phone was android based though. But that will be hustled in good time. Am a hustler for life. Gotta figure out how to tether the phone to my netbook so I can access the web on the netbook wherever I am. Now that would be sweet extreme geekness. Some say the speeds are more like dialup. Who gives a shit when u got net even in the boondocks. Got a call from a long time friend. A madman actually from back in the day. Haven’t seen that fiend in a long long time. More than ten years. Will be interesting when we hook up. We were heavy metal freaks back in the day. Wonder what time has done to his fire? I would like to think he created more fire with better intentions. how did you fare sinister? What america do you have now as the years get more wicked? Like I said it will be interesting.


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