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Someone I know died today. He was an old man, in his nineties. Last time i saw him was like a month ago. i shook his hand, guess for the last time. knew that he was on his last days though. his mortal coil has been severed. the flesh reverses to earth and time marches on. RIP Mr. Williams. been digging lots of Rishloo lately. that album from 2007 is absolutely brilliant. they sing deeper than the skin or proverbial surface idea. the music is powerful. definitely recommend them. would like to go to a concert, hope they come to nyc soon enough. summer is almost here. am like a seething serpent. am taking photos for my youtube projects. am understanding the meaning beneath the shroud. scrilla is seeping in with the idea that i could get most of the material goods i need for the summer. might be interesting. might get that camera cranked up on indie calibrated. never know right? time is now. now is the absolute relative time.

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