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got my site pimped up more like how i want it. tweaked the css that needs constant tweaking. but it’s almost like how i want it. got the simple pie php script tweaked again to display the dates of my feeds sans words, just numbers. the loves gots to pimp the graphics on it again. more like stretching it to fill in the blank spaces. i inserted some javascript drop downs at the top of the page. real minimalistic shit. i best remember to pay godaddy in june before they kick my ass of their servers. so today the love was pimping her stuff on ustream with the sustainability folks at nyu. good stuff no doubt. she’s getting there in the thick of what we came here for. a good discussion about print and digital media and their carbon footprint. good to see that there are people who still care of the earth and it’s future. nevertheless earth will kick us out if we continue in our babylonian ways. earth takes of earth sooner or later. as pink floyd sang “she will take it back.


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