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got poked again and detoxified. well not detoxified yet. still feeling freaked out. my stomach needs a bloody overhaul. should be the future where i’d go in a vat and come out fresh and clean. well at least the intro of our short short film is out there on youtube. might as well be clean to do this don’t you think? got new ideas swirling in my head. wanna make it real edgy. might go with a silent thing. man i hate when my body betrays. and then strangers watch me like am a bloody fiend. not the kind of fiend i wanna be. always wanna be an art fiend is all. can’t change the world though. people are people. feel like staying silent for now. just capture the art and keep my shit silent. too much talk. too many sycophants. and i need to harden and flatten my stomach.


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