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Feasting on the World cup in South Africa to the max. Football is the shit man. Is like I am always hoping I will be alive for the next four years to catch that mad fest. Many upsets for the so called giant teams. European teams getting the blade. The South American teams have done their magic as usual. Ref robbed America today man. Was messed up. The officiating has been bloody awful. They better step the hell up. Gonna be mad interesting to see who goes all the way to the gold. #Vuvuzelas driving everybody mad. I know Africa is mad passionate but at least blow when a goal scores not the entire time. bees buzzing in ya head all day will trip anybody man. you gotta be mad drunk in them stadiums man to blank out that psycho sound. well that won’t kill the game. wish i had a phone with full streaming access man to catch the games even when am commuting to work. it is a long bloody commute. at least wifi on the train and bus would have been perfect. but you know how it is. can’t get it all. am rooting for Brazil and Argentina. #messi is the beast man. a magical football freak. no one can stop him. he runs circles around the opposition. zen stuff even. delightful shit. tis the best game in the world no doubt. And I wish I was drunk like a freak in SA. lol


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