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the apple hype is getting ridiculous among the money crowd. they don’t consider anything else. is like apple or bust. is like every time i watch ted they use apple machines. they are talking about some great thing for less fortunate peoples etc but they would not consider opensource. it seems to me that all these elitists bleeding hearts are just cattle and sheep. i mean where do you reconcile a closed system like apple with the ideas of freedom and progress for a better world. can poor people buy apple products? what image are you selling? they won’t even consider linux. it’s like it does not exist. linux and opensource runs the interwebs you ignorant elitists. seems to me it is them that really needs bloody help opening their eyes. couple days ago i watched a live ustream featuring some government hotshot. he was deep in the apple hype machine. owned all the toys. the way he talked is like that the only tech out there that is worth having is apple products. am trying to understand what is this shit about. people suffering in long bloody lines for a defective product a la iphone 4. this is madness. this is the tech that you paranoid fanboys want proliferating across the globe? what’s up with your heads? how can you choose prisons over playing fields?


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  1. Agreed, these supposed great philanthropists and such don’t think so far as the computers that they’re using.<br/><br/>As for the hype, I’ve had to unsubscribe from quite a few tech blogs because they keep posting about Apple crap.

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