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Yesterday both my teams got kicked out of the worldcup. Brazil relaxed after scoring first. Don’t do that! This is a no no. Ghana on the other hand basically blew a sure chance into the semifinals. Now I feel a loss of interest for the rest of the cup. Maybe that’s good. I can watch the games now without beating myself to death 🙂 After all it is just a game huh! Hell no. Football is passion and madness and beauty and the be all and the end all. I went overboard so sue me other sports. I hope Messi does his thing today and kick the Germans out of the cup. I will be cheering for Argentina in about an hour. Eight more days and Worldcup 2010 is history. Another four years to contemplate and soak it all in. So much can happen in four years. I hope I to become a real tech ninja in that time. Attending Brooklyn college in the fall to get another computing degree one that is web dev centric. Looking forward to that. I will bring the Linux to them with no equivocations.


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