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I don’t think Linux will ever be appreciated for the gem that it is. The tech world has been given a chance to enjoy the ultimate freedom in an OS and the masses dismiss it and continue on their tyrannical loving path down the proprietary software rabbit hole. They claim all kinds of ignorance in their defense of their prison software. I think they are waiting for Linux to get super popular which it never will be. Nothing truly free is that popular. Freedom is a secret you discover and sometimes you might as well just keep the damn thing to yourself. I got pissed this week when some in my Linux group started extolling the virtue of the apple ipad. They actually had the audacity to preview it for the group. Well a member actually bought one justifying it with all kinds of double talk I didn’t particularly care for. With a slew of android and other Linux tablets on the way why would you even contemplate buying a tablet from the most arrogant and elitist company in the world? I am mystified. Is that a Linux group? Where does the ipad fit in our Linux openness? Information belongs to the world. Apple does not see it that way. They tell you what to think, tell you what is good for you. It is like religion and colonialism. I know what’s best for you they preach like we are bloody kids. Linux says here’s the binary, tear it wide open, build and mashup, be young, stay young long like Nietzsche quipped. I don’t want to judge anyone but this is not Linux not by a long shot. I am a poet by soul. I hate boundaries. Once you start imposing some elitist attitude I get real savage. I could never fit in that apple microcosm. So am wondering what the hell is going on with my Linux group. I mean there’s much to do in Linux. Let’s get to it and stop tripping with ipads and iphones that basically cripples innovation. I mean what is so bloody revolutionary about a prison machine? Imagine a beast like Jobs inventing the interweb. Without Linux we would be all lost man. Then again who knows what goes on in the minds of mortals. People just love their slavery. They follow the beast to the fire with a beautiful smile on their hypnotized faces.


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