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Worldcup 2010 dies on Sunday. Spain feels like the champion. They played like champions yesterday against the Germans in the semi-final. The octopus oracle divined right again. German football fans have turned against it in droves. They are calling for it’s roasting. I say leave senor Octopus alone. The dutch better expect a hurricane on Sunday. They better stack their levees a lot higher. I don’t care who wins. The ultimate winner is the game of football. Speaking of winners what did Lebron do to warrant such near mythic adoration? IMHO it is ridiculous. Bing and ESPN act like they’ve discovered the holy grail. Poor Microsoft always late to the party. IMHO Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Odom and the rest of the Lakers are the true riders of the moment. Furthermore a new crop of riders in high school and college are already burning to upset the old guard. Lebron better do his thing now right cos the time is flashing by. The Lebron deal looks like the Beckham deal in MLS for the LA Galaxy. A whole lot of hype and cash rewards and nothing to show for it. IMHO he would be most effective in Cleveland. Nevertheless a man’s life is his to do what he gotta do for himself and his people. You don’t have time to mess around. I hope he gets his ring wherever he lands.


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