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I am all up in this tech addiction. Finally got my cheap phone tethered to my netbook for ubiquitous net access. The net goes where I tread. Works like a beast on Crunchbang Linux. It’s all around me like the matrix sickness. Will I get sick of it? Maybe next Millennium. 4G tether could easily kill dsl or cable Internet. The companies will find a way to win in the end. I don’t expect my mobile company to let us siphon free web access forever using tether. They will implement a payment plan based on data usage. It will suck so I don’t hold my breath while surfing the interwebs on the bus and subway and baseball stand. I never play baseball but it is the best seat in the area to chill from the summer blaze. I am finally loving IRC again. Oh and congrats to the Spaniards for their victory in the world cup finals. They played like champions again. Netherlands has the worst luck ever. Some cried for what might have been. but Paul Octopus never fails.


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