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man this time i almost didn’t make it back to the grid, to the interwebs. that personal hiatus was crazy but i don’t put everything on them nets you know. some things are better left personal. suffice it to say i met mad characters on my journey like kerouac on the road. damn america is more than what you see on television. one day i will tell all inshallah. so i missed couple classes. no biggie. will make that shit up per usual. now am back on the indenti.ca and it is still rocking. there’s this idea running around about the death of the web. like apps and walled cyber gardens taking over. man i love the web. the latest wired features that. i dunno. i love the wild wild net man. so many apps are fucking useless man. but each to his beast as am always repeating like a mantra. the web will eventually win out. maybe the sheep love their prison apps but the mad ones want their freedom at all costs. the web just needs to evolve. like jump out at you and not just be a flat UI. finally my blog gets updated again. it must have been hating on me. i deserve it. i was stargazing in another world for too bloody long. welcome back poet linux fiend. speaking of linux am really loving sabayon man. so i figure i will install gentoo on the desktop alongside debian. i need to get linux certified man. been waiting too long to do that. i really love linux so why not get a job doing it you know. procrastination is the worst sin in the tech world.


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