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I resent having to take certain classes for a tech degree that the college system deems necessary for my wholesome growth as a full rounded professional. This is a waste of my time and hustle money. Gotta be a money thing for them. I mean if I want to know about art history I will get on the interwebs and intellectualize myself. I am a computer major and I just need the tech full throttle. Let me worry about the rest of my personal, professional or moral perspective . At least give me a choice. You ever wonder who are the people who design these prison systems. Most of the so called knowledge they feed you is deleted long before graduation day. Society remains a cesspool. Civilization still sucks like a parasite. Yet we are still regurgitating philosophy. What the hell are you saying philosophers? I have read dozens of philosophers and most were impotent tired men. At least some were paranoid like nietzsche. So I give him a pass. They ask questions like “what is knowledge?” Who cares pendejo? We are hurtling towards destruction and the best question you can ask is “What is knowledge”. A comet could hits us tomorrow and they would be chewing the same stale cud. No amount of college education, philosophy or psychology even will fix civilization. Am I a pessimist? No. I do know that all cultures have failed and failed again to find the cure for man. Mankind needs to be cured. Education can’t do it. Giving me useless courses that make me yawn won’t heal the wound. Another cancer is the price of textbooks. Why can’t I just download pdfs to my machine and print what I want when I want. I gotta buy useless books for a hundred dollars? This is bullshit. Buying a textbook for a hundred dollars in the tech age is apostasy. Android tablets better hurry up and get here so educators and administrators can at least see that we have more choices to read our ebooks. At least california is trying out the ipad in certain schools. Cali knows what’s up.


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