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One of the many linux podcasts I fire up from gpodder.net is the Linux action show. On the last one I listened to they ranted about Nokia tripping up with the introduction of new smartphones running the Symbian OS. I gotta agree. They askesd why didn’t Nokia put Maemo on there instead of tired Symbian. How is Nokia gonna compete with Android and Apple and the upcoming Windows mobile phone. I for one would choose Maemo over Android owing to the fact that it is Debian based. They could just have tweaked it a bit to make it more like a real mobile OS and not like how the n900 is. The n900 is basically a sweet mobile computer more suited to geeks like me. It does not have mass appeal like Android or apple iphone which are primarily mobile flatforms. Nokia needs to tweak Maemo to a strictly mobile form factor. Maybe they could go with meego on their smartphones. Nevertheless Nokia is the biggest cellphone company in the world by a far margin but they are rapidly losing market share so it remains to be seen how their new smartphones will compete. I am waiting for my linux tablet so a smartphone is not in my immediate vision. I would love a hardcore linux tablet tweaked to the tablet form factor. As i mentioned in a previous post maybe Meego might do it better than android. I don’t want to be tethered only to the android store. I think most of them apps are overrated. But Linux is about choice so we filter to our geek’s content.


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