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I wish colleges and universities gave us a choice of designing our degree program. I would have created a wicked Linux Web Dev curriculum and never looked back. Wishful thinking. I am stuck in the grind with the herd and my choices are not choices but snorting between hard rocks and hard places. May Yahweh grant me the serenity to channel my chi out of the negative. The negatives entered with us into this existence, our own special negatives even. They hang around our neck like cynical albatrosses dragging us into the deep. We need to find the madness to kick them back into the ether. The madness must be special and omnipotent. It has to slay tradition and conformity first and foremost. It has to be a stranger in a strange land. It has to overcome all that is stale and groveling. It can’t be slave not for even a sliver of a second. So I grit my teeth and ride the dragon to the next level. Most of all I gotta dig the journey, the way even. Some prefer to grind to the end. I say grind to the now. The end is never your friend. How can it be when it wants your head on a stick?


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