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The government wants to sniff the hell out of your electronic presence. Phone companies wants to sue you to hell over texting and media sharing. Brave new world huh. So why bother with all this tech and web business? Might as well surrender it to the politicians so they can shove it into their skeleton closets to keep it safe. Sad really to see how a beautiful invention as the web elicits so much fear in people. They feel the need to control it. But you can’t control something that is beyond the comprehension of your petty mind. Sad blind politicians can’t accept the mutation that took place in the last twenty years. Everything has come full circle. The younger generation took the power. Master became the slave. The new knowledge runs the world. The movie and music industries are trying desperately to turn back time. Gene Simmons of the band kiss is one of the desperates. Check out his sad rant . Sad little kiss man, your band sucks. You are a dinosaur. Check out Trent Reznor and the hip hop mixtape revolution. They are spreading their music all over the interwebs. They give their music for free to the people who actually love music effectively cutting out the vampire RIAA. And they still make money from their fans. You can’t stop progress Hollywood. People are tired of fake ass blockbuster bullshit. How long do you think your industry will survive on regurgitating tired formulas? Any aspiring film maker can get her project out there with the tech she owns in her bedroom. So stop getting it twisted. Piracy didn’t kill you, ignorance did. The luddites will whine till their voice runs out of spit and choke on their misery. Luddites never invented anything but apathy.

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