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I watched the three big dog republicans this morning in a press conference and I saw no compromise from them. Basically they were saying that they are taking their country back from the n***er. They want to go back to how it always was. They want their plantation. They want total control. Slave can’t become master. They act as if Obama has done nothing. That man came with peace and unity and they said no. No matter what he tried they shot it down. I truly don’t understand that. What is so wrong with universal health care? The picture is clear. Obama better wise up. Bush spent billions on war and squandered thousands of young lives and they exonerated him. Go figure. America needs the banks. Which country doesn’t? He had to bail them out. The republicans would have done the same. Now you have the loony tea party talking about abolishing the dept of education. And people voted them. All I see is a reversal of progress. Bush basically killed America’s edge in tech and science. The democrats tried to bring it back. Well they will kill it again. But hey they taking their country back. So it’s all good. Obama you had your moment but it’s done. Even the so called young hip kids who voted you in a spirit of change and tolerance, freedom and future has turned against you man. They have gone back to the ways of the conservative. They were always conservative. Don’t ever get it twisted. Watch Facebook. People flock there because it’s popular. It’s the in thing. They don’t give a fuck about the real. People started crying about Obama and the democrats not creating jobs so they jumped on that. The herd always wins man. Don’t ever get it twisted. People ultimately desire their three gas guzzling and polluting SUV’s. Man will scorch the sky to have his backyard BBQ. Ultimately it is a savage world. Dog eat dog. Animal fucking kingdom.


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