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Well I slid back on track in school. Seems like I didn’t miss anything worth a beat. I guess I hunkered down and did the whole back tracking thing. Been skulking from IM for weeks now. Don’t feel like giving back. Boring mundane, clueless IM lost it’s mojo, a time suck of lost children like big brother Facebook. And who is really missing me? I prefer to teeter on the money haunt. Don’t have my Linux tablet yet. Don’t have my six quivering Linux machines yet and transparent monitors. Don’t envisage my hands plucking one anytime soon. Actually that depends on whether my status gets moved up. Once again my fate depends on Babylon. It sucks but you already that. In the mean time I try not to downgrade myself. What will it benefit me? At least I am back on the Flash Fiction trip. My last one sucking good feed back. Already got another started. Writing keeps me sane, same as talking to myself. I walk NYC streets at all hours and babble to myself, therapy shit, self medicating even, humans can’t fathom and I don’t give a bitch. A professor would like to try to publish a manuscript of a compilation of my poems, like about a hundred or so. Would be wicked to see a big ass book of mine published by a university press. Crazy shit man. Definitely out there. Well for me it’s either out there or nowhere at all. Seems like California getting funny man. Voters killing the Marijuana proposition and voting for bloodclot polluters to escape persecution. Definitely a downgrade Cali. It will only get worse. Learn to swim hipsters. They are gunning for you man.


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