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Having mad fun with Identicurse the nifty cli app created by @reality and @psquid on Identi.ca. You done know I am sick head after my cli apps. Good stuff my Linux brethren. I am actually trying to create a deb of it. Wish me luck but if I fail am still not looking back. The time has come for me to step up to the next level of Linux. I feel like I need to contribute a lot more. We all gotta do our part for Linux. Linux is the real deal. Seems that Ubuntu is evolving once again much to the chagrin of some and the rapture of others. Canonical is dumping X for Wayland and Gnome for Unity. Time will tell whether this was a ninja move. I feel that Ubuntu will succeed. They got a vision even if it is sometimes at odds with a lot of Linux people. Nevertheless the essence of Linux is freedom so it’s all good. Am not rocking Ubuntu right now. Doesn’t mean I hate it. I guess am feeling other Linuxes at this time and space. Definitely feeling Sabayon. I will eventually run full blown Gentoo on my desktop dualbooting with Debian Testing. I feel that Linux has conquered even the numbers don’t show it. Take your nuimbers and shove it pundits. Still they are those who are creeped out by Linux. I installed Ubuntu for the extended family on an aging machine. Windows would break it every few weeks. Ubuntu ran mad sweet on there. About a month later they call me lamenting about some printing problem. I wondered if they even tried to install the printer. Well they pretty much hate Linux at their place. They want their windows back. The door was too overwhelming. They prefer their prison. You can’t save everyone. Some don’t want to be saved. So let them drown.


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