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Saw the the Archos 70 tablet today and I got giddy. It looks like the one. I need to get that money now. Tired of waiting for the real Android tablets to hit the market place. What are real Android tablets anyway? This will be a cool addition to my Linux machines. Some say Android is a threat to Linux. Well I want to get the hands on experience. I know though Google will never support Linux one hundred percent. Wishful thinking from those of us who think otherwise. Bottom line is about profit and ego. Nevertheless Google is still our friend in this hostile capitalistic environment of the apples and microsofts. Compared to them Google is two hundred percent sweetener. Imagine an apple-microsoft centric interweb. And we have another tumor in the cancerous cum poleethman Facebook trying to listen to our thoughts. But the herd is willing to let them into its most sacred space because Farmville is real farming and that time suck actually makes us social. Orwell must be cursing in the void.


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