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Yesterday the cellphone company tripped up my day. Today am smiling and surfing on better waves. I made a mistake with the new account that I hooked up for my dad. I emailed them till they corrected it. I think there should be a failsafe method to prevent someone making these kinds of click mistakes. I think the websites are not interactive enough. Meanwhile it seems Microsoft that relentless beast is still trying to cripple Linux. Novell was sold to a company that Microsoft is a part of thus Linux aficionados are bawling about how Microsoft could have control of Unix. I hope this is just a rumor because that would be the biggest blow yet to our thing. WTF Microsoft can you kill yourself already? We don’t need you. We have everything we need lamer. Go puke with Facebook in your spineless garden. Amazes me how they want so bad for us to be extinct. They still don’t get it. Linux is the best thing that happened on the way to free knowledge and technology. But as a brethren quipped on Identi.ca we should not start panicking and sowing the seeds of FUD. They will never break NIX. Let Microsoft be the only sowers of FUD. Meanwhile I discovered AssaultCube last night, a Multi-platform first person shooter where you have the choice of playing against bots in singleplayer mode or in multiplayer mode where you play online against other freaks. It rocks real good in Linux. The action is real smooth on my Debian testing box. I definitely recommend it as a cool Linux action game. You can frag bots or humans online to your beasts content.

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