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Thanksgiving came and fled. I ate the good things, got stuffed, fixed the proverbial computer. It was a good day. Thankful for that. Somewhere a child starved though and that is not acceptable in a world that dumps food by the millions of tons. You have to wonder about that kind of mindset. And yes it is justified by some anti-human logic. I replaced windows again with a universal door called Linux for the extended family. I am hoping that they chill on wanting to return to the old barred up windows. Vista crashed it less than a week after I was forced to remove Ubuntu. The machines purrs again with Ubuntu back on. The wireless works seamless. I mean the adults in the house have no problem with Linux on there. They surf the web even better than on windows. It is the kids who complain about steep learning curves and all that jazz. You’d have thought they would have embraced it without a whimper. There’s a real story there. It is called gaming. They are addicted to their windows gaming. What can I say to that? I choose to play Linux games and get mad satisfaction from it. I mean a lot of the MMORPG online games which the cool kids are addicted too are basically platform independent so I don’t see the problem. It is sad that they would choose to use a virus prone resource hungry environment just for the sake of gaming instead of abdicating to Linux for those same online games but you also get to hone your tech ninja skills for a chance at a better future. But that how it is. The world sucks when it comes to choosing the rare. The herd loathes the rare.


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