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We spend mad hours in cyberspace to the point that it has become an extension of us, an appendage even. I was in the Bronx yesterday and all I could think of was getting back to my net. I was basically locked out from the web in a digital dead zone. Even if it felt good to be out in the world the pull of digitalo was hard and real. The truth is I need the web wherever I am. I do play well with others but most flesh humans are a obnoxious bunch I could do without or at least temper their interaction with a pervasive net. You always get that judging stare on first approach. Funny thing is they do it over and over again whenever they meet you. The same friends and family giving you the evil eye. Normal family sucks. Imagine that I get to exercise the real in virtual space. As a poet and artist the power that the net gives me is non-comparable. As a Geek the net is the most powerful orgasm ever conceived. I have gotten the chance to interact with some of the coolest people ever because of the net. I call them my brethren. We might never meet in the meatspace but it’s all good. I know a lot of people wish meatspace for them was merely a place to perform the basic human needs and nothing besides. Some of us could do without envy, racism, manipulation etc. Unfortunately humans drag that sickness into the virtual and there’s no way to curb it. After all it is a freedom thing. Hey sicky human you have the right to hate me because of your racist virus. Yup they have the freedom to do that. Nevertheless the web is tops. I live there. I play there. My immortality is etched there.


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