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Cling to nothing in #meatspace. That’s how I need to start the rest of my life. There’s a story behind that but let’s leave that alone and move along into the binary. My netbook crashed. Fell down once too many. I think it might be the battery has shorted out for good. I will get one when I get one. Meanwhile I installed #Sabayon in #Vbox so I now have Salix and Sabayon alongside #Debian as host. A rather cool setup I reckon. Only piece missing are dual monitors and I would be chilling in the binary kingdom. That too will be gotten when I get it. The more tech fails the more tech stays the same. In America it’s easy to find a portal to shoot your #digitalo. Can’t imagine not having access. Well this hacker tried to cut off #wikileaks access and he did succeed for a bit but #wikileaks got back to their matrix status. The world governments want the head of #Assange. People are divided on the issue of transparency. All I hear are politicians screaming about the potential endangerment of lives which is bloody vague in itself. No one wants to talk about the dishonesty of the politicians. The herd thinks that the politicians are above reproach but sorry man they are just as wicked and dishonest as the rest of us. Every body equal. Everybody stinking. Everybody lying and denigrating each other behind each other backs. Why should we believe #Babylon? Do you?

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