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Cold days and leeching the web for warmth. The Internet junkie in me thrusting at full throttle. Hardcore simstim and total immersion. I am a digital native through and through. but I still got this book from the college library to read. I didn’t forget them. Didn’t abandon you shamans. The book is the autobiography of #Leroi #Jones aka #Amiri #Baraka. Should be great. I want to upload my new poetry book to #Lulu and subsequently amazon if @melkydd hooks me up with a killer cover this weekend. As an artist you need to keep creating, throwing the stuff out there. In the age of pervasive web we have the whole world as an audience. Does not matter we never get millions or whatever so long as we do our art and somebody somewhere listens, reads, watches, participates, disseminates the art then it’s all good. The goal is to share the creativity with humanity. I mean too many people sharing hatred and war and insanity. Creating art gives me the wickedest satisfaction man. I went to #MOMA this week for research for an art history paper. Place was crowded as usual. Lots of kids too with their class on the floor attempting to reproduce greatness. I always feel overwhelmed whenever I go to MOMA. I take in only so much and flee. It’s too much man. Anyways I got the research I needed and wrote a killer paper.


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