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I am digging Diaspora. Feeling it out with my geeked out tentacles. Got an invite from an Identi.ca brethren to sample the alpha. I have already invited other brethren to sample along with me. This Facebook killer as posted by parasitic media does not have to be. Facebook can do their thing and Diaspora will do a different thing. I will stay for awhile to get back with the social crowd. And I can control the lifestream however I want. The aspect feature of Diaspora is the real deal. This time if you reveal your shit then it’s your fault. Create a private aspect. Create a public aspect. Create a sleep aspect. The power is yours and no more whining. I am rooting for you Diaspora. Let’s create a true social space sans big business meddling. We’ve seen how paypal and amazon and visa and mastercard behave when the system tells them to bend. They don’t choose us. What are we too them? So Diaspora would do well to take heed of who it gets in bed with.. Let’s make this our diaspora in the truest sense.


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  1. I found the diaspora aspects not so useful and just got one for everything. It might be useful if you’re working(so friends and co-workers) but being a student I don’t separate my friends/guys from uni. On facebook I got them in certain groups and you can show which group is allowed to see which posts, but hardly anybody does that. I don’t know what’s it like in other countries but in Germany, parents usually don’t have facebook/a social network, so no use for a family aspect.<br/>The only other thing I could think of is to separate real-life and internet friends, but again, not really useful here, just if you want to publish real private data, like telephone number/address but you really shouldn’t do that on the internet anyway, because no system is 100% secure.

  2. Well aspects makes a lot of sense to me. Am a total web freak so I got all kinds of contacts on there. Diaspora gives me that power to sort them out socially. thanks for commenting and the visit.

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