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I bought my archos 70 android tablet from a first company but they couldn’t deliver on the time frame that I lusted for. So I surrended to behemoth Amazon and my holiday treat will be delivered on the twenty-second. I just want to dive and mess with my first Android device. I wonder what is all the fuss about? Actually I think it will be uber cool. Mister netbook must be fuming in his dormant state. He hasn’t stirred in awhile but I haven’t given up. Sometimes you gotta swing sideways into another dimension and discover new temptations. Trust your technolust fallen children of eden. Tablets are the future and the future shimmers. Diaspora is starting to get its shine on. Identi.ca brethren are populating it en masse. We are testing it for the alpha bugs so that it becomes a truly federated space to work, play and innovate. I truly dig it man. Along with Identi.ca Diaspora feels like my thing. My Linux places to be..


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