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The weekend before my android tablet gets here. I am like a christmas kid waiting for santa to drop the bag. He better drop it quick before I bash him in the head and take everything. Seriously santa wouldn’t come near me. It’s time society drop the myths man. But they won’t. It’s a money thing. The older you get the more wary you become of people at the helm. Especially if you are a seeker then you always shaking your head sadly at the lies and FUD they spreading. My question is why can’t the leaders trust the people? Why are the big companies trying to strangle the Internet? I mean what do they want? They don’t respect the masses at all. They act as if we are dumb automatons. And they in the elite camp are our saviors. This is wrong on so many levels. Who made you savior? This world needs to change. We need a new age man. I hope that is what 2012 is about. I am tired of the lying media, the sick journalists, serpent politicians, greedy companies and narcissistic stars. They didn’t invent the web. Geeks did but they want to break it into two. They are absurd man. Telling me what I should buy. What i should listen to. Damn! Get a grip. Bug of slave drivers. Seriously I hope 2012 ushers in a new age that takes the power away from the slave drivers once and for all.


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