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Revolutions getting the rock star treatment. The masses lick it like molasses. I never get caught up in the hype. World keeps turning on its bullshit. Bill Maher asked this kinda famous Egyptian lady about the opinoin polls in their country that favors overwhelmingly the stoning of adulterous woman and those accused of heresy etc and she seemed to say it was the old farts and despots like Mubarak who maintained that mindset. She skipped over the fact of stoning people to death and other archaic laws that kept people in bondage and instead raved about revolution. So my question is what is revolution? After the dust clears and people get their bread and water and maybe a two bedroom flat what then. I will hang out on a limb here and say that the primitive mindset never lets up.  It keeps fumigating parts of this tired world. People will go on stoning and beating those they judge and accuse of heresy in the name of mad religion.  Revolutions address only part of the problem. Actually revolutions really just fulfill the most basic cravings of the herd. Is it that hard to fathom?  It takes more than revolution to change the ugliness in the human race.




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