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Weekend again. More C++ to keep me scratching my mind. I keep at it.  Getting my brain rewired.  To learn anything you gotta binge on it. The alcoholic is an alcohol expert.  The geek is a geek junkie.  Gotta love your shit man.  Am loving Diaspora. The devs are making it blaze man. Keeping it simple but making it shine.  Eventually it will reach beta stage and we will go ah! now that’s what up.  Weather still tripping but I sense spring on the cusp of entry.  Can’t wait to ditch that damn coat.  Ditch the bloat for Linux tees.  Clearwire will eventually be my ISP. Spoke to them yesterday. Looks good for a digital nomad.  45 dollars a month gets me unlimited net everywhere.  I stick my mobile net in my backpack and hit the streets of NYC. What can beat that? As soon as the money gets right am getting me a mobile internet with clearwire.  


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