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This week is a hectic beast. Am catching up like a freak man. Missed two weeks and mad work piled high above my brim. Got my english essay in and did my presentation in the class.  That’s behind me. My tech future is infront staring hard back at me.  I will get to that. Is all good. Life for me is never linear.  I trip sideways sometimes to catch nuances between the void. Can’t wait for summer but am a start it in spring cos as soon as you mention summer the winter darkness is already jealous and just wants to bite our bright off.  Work is good though. Making that scrilla. Need that paper to get my tech on man.  The students definitely learning from my expertise.  Who ever thought i could teach people tech? Never know right. Discovered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De26XtRUCg4. They rock man. Good stuff. The hardest Rock.


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