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So Japan wants to dump radioactive water into the ocean and there’s no outcry. I thought the world would be outraged. Guess not.  There’s a dirty irony here.  For sure they got pummeled by the tsunami but come on there gotta be another way to deal with the nuclear thing.  And it will happen again somewhere and that country will want to put the waste in space. Human only human and growing more foolish, arrogant and belligerent.  Well I try to keep my head above the fray. Weekend was amazing. Installed edubuntu on 30 computers with other volunteers at the United Nations International school. The machines are for poor families. Felt real good.  I need to do this more often.  I did join a couple of mailing lists including #nylug so hopefully the opportunity will arise again. When it comes to linux am like a kid in a candy store.


2 thoughts on “Japan

  1. There’s no containing that mess, is there…it’s scary…maybe some day we’ll all just start feeling sick, and we’ll realize the problems were waaaaay worse than anybody was willing to realize or say. Every day until then is a gift I guess.

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