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Tune out

Seems I tune out every couple weeks. Is that a sign of brain cells atrophying? Nay it’s finding me the other branch in the zeitgeist. What branch you may ask and I can’t tell you even I try. At least I got my lip pierced in manhattan. I had downed a few for sure. Tripping in the city was a mad one. I saw wolves and sheep alike contributing to the status quo. They accept their fate like I never would.  My ears needs to be stretched too so that the universe fit can right in.  Guess it was easter yesterday and peopple did their deeds.  In my case I was dreaming of hypodermic censorship. One day you will know what that means.  In the mean time I have already graded my emails and most failed  to capture the essence of new life cept for @lebkidus shared killing bits.  You stay of the grid for a bit and you hardly miss anything.  The info overload persists like the nyc subway and sometimes it bloody breaks down. Go figure.  Figure it out and then get your fill before the tanks runs out.


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