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Osama paid the price of the bad man. And that’s all am saying about this. Now am digging a lot of dubstep. Really feeling the energy of the music. #Skrillex in particular is wicked man. I hope to catch a show this summer for sure. I am writing like a fiend and making videos however crude they are for now. The tablet front facing cam is not the best weapon to shoot the world. Eventually that damn camera will be bought and the quest will elevate. At least am learning kdenlive editing. I call that progress. What you wanna call it? Never a better time than now to blaze the art. Art and tech are my poisons. I keep away from people IRL. I communicate online and through my art. Trust me I got some crazy shit in my bones to leak out. Let the art leak spill. What else can I do? Preen and suck on facebook like a barbie troll?

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