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Mobile Madness

So the love got a smartphone and am thinking wow that is super connectivity. Her metropcs deal gives her unlimited everything for fifty dollars a month. Which means she is online 24/7. This is not new. Millions of people rock that ubiquitous online presence. I find myself flirting with the idea of actually getting one though I said I wouldn’t. I opted for an android tablet instead which am loving to the max. Only drawback there’s only wifi on there. So net goes when wifi disappears. The motorola xoom or samsung galaxy available with 3g from one of the big companies would easily solve my problem but I be damned if am signing two year contracts with the greed machines. Thus my alternative is to get a prepaid android smartphone and wait for when metropcs or virgin mobile or other prepaid services offer android tablets with prepaid options. May that day leap forward. I must not forget clearwire though. I could just get it for my tablet and forget smartphones. I mean I hardly talk to people on phones.  I mostly text so why pay exorbitant amounts of cheese for unlimited talk time. Clearwire better give me a kewl deal. I am a student. I am a believer in freedom.


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