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Another finals in the college system. Don’t know when I will be done with this. I feel like been there done that. I guess it is better than staring into the ground afraid to raise my eyes.  I do feel fresh in my soul though. Hope that last longer than the feelings of desperation when it stalks me.  I am feeling the summer more than ever. We have an idea for a documentary we want to shoot. Hopefully we get to it and just do what we better do. Get all that footage while we can. Can’t wait to just get that first short out of the turbulent repository.  Time is now for hardcore art things.  It’s like am not seeing anything else but doing this art thing.  When you get possessed by art you better do its bidding.  The world will fail but art never loses its resolve. She is the eternal flame phoenix incarnate. Remember in the alpha it was the word. That word was art. Art is all or nothing at all.  


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