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Summer 2011

Better be a good summer. I want to soak it all in after all the gloom and icy things of winter’s past.  I want to ride the sun to the edge of midnight and hope the moon understands.  Well am a dreamer fiend sometimes.  and sometimes dreams come true.  yesterday a student’s dream was surely derailed. he got caught cheating on the finals. man he didn’t know what to do.  I felt real bad for him.  I think they gonna discipline him and his record might be stained forever. Funny thing though is that there’s no way to cheat in this class. It is a programming class not regurgitating facts class.  He messed up big time man.  It definitely ruined the last day of that class for me. I hope he bounces back and recognizes that cheating basically sucks. Otherwise I am in #netflix mode.  My indie film mojo has arisen.  Hit the play button, pop the corn, and flip back to good things. Hope the summer brings you good things.


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