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It is the same you.

Now that facebook spits in the face of your privacy once more will you keep denying the ugly truth?  Are you that addicted to the vanity ego trip that you will allow them to tag you like cattle with their facial recognition engine?  Please don’t try to hide from the implications. This does not bode well for the future social connect. Time to dismantle this prison before everyone gets snagged in the nets. Well if you don’t see something sinister about this fine. I hope the sheeple out there will at least refrain from stealing the pics of those who still got the balls to say know to that prison machine. I don’t need serial killers stalking me because you felt the need to preen and swag for the camera.   I wonder how many photos is enough?  Maybe after a thousand you will get the ugly truth that it is the same you. The angle does not matter. It is the same you. Photoshop can’t change that.  It is the same you. Always was. Get a soul pic even.


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